Google Campaign

We can create a google campaign for your business and manage it for you. In this way your business can make a quick start and in the results from Google for all the key terms that you have chosen.

Google Adwords Campagn


You won’t have to pay costs per click; we work with normal payments per hour.
Did your business receive a Google voucher? Or do you want to see your business into the Google results?
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Advantages of a Google campaign:

– Your website receives more qualitative visitors
– Your name recognition or brand awareness grows
– You only pay when people click at your advertisement
– You choose the budget you want to spend
– The results of your campaign are directly visible

What we can do for you when you start a campaign:

– Activating your Google advertising account
– Entering the settings for the campaign
– Figuring out if you can make use of any promotions
– Determinging the bid strategy
– Selecting the right pages for the widest range
– Determining the campaign strategy
– Formatting and managing key words and ad texts
– Creating relevant advertising groups
– Selecting the area in which you want to be visible

What we can do for you when while maintaining a campaign:

– Monitoring clicks, appearances and positions
– Optimizing key words and advertisements
– Optimizing the costs per click
– Following the bidding strategy
– Monitoring the competition
– Formatting the reports
– Constructing marketing advice for your website / web shop

You can choose the click charges of your campaign. The higher the available amount of money, the more people you will reach.

At Promote your Business we use a simple and clear pricing structure. You only pay for the creation of the campaign and for the monthly maintenance costs.
In this way you can be assured that we create maximum results with your budget, without generating visitors who are not a part of your target audience.
Creating campaigns is of course a personalised process. Every campaign needs to be tailored to your business, your website and your business model.

You can launch a complete campaign with only a basic budget – usually the costs are lower than when you would choose to advertise in a magazine.
This investment, however, has a much longer duration and is a lot more efficient in generating results.

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